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... wait, what?
[EDIT] Oh, wow, that was a quick response! Thanks, everyone. Due to the overwhelming amount of replies I decided to make it 15 slots instead of 10. That's the farthest I could go at the moment XD;; and I'm sorry to those who missed out, but I'll let you guys know in case I ever try one of these again. [/EDIT]

I've got one of those myself about a week ago so I decided it would be nice to take some of those sketch requests as well. It's always fun to leave the comfort zone and reinterpret styles and whatnot! So yeah, please drop a comment with a link to your character's ref, and I'll see what I can do ;3 first come first serve basis. dire-musaera goes first.

1. dire-musaera
2. LulzyRobot
3. lostmyth
4. MirChuChu
5. TheLivingImpaired
6. Sainvrier
7. DarkKitsunegirl
8. LimeInDaCoconut
9. NoxidAssylem
10. Lupineblade
11. emerald-moonlight
12. NerinokuKai
13. Marraphy
14. KitsuGuardian
15. cailencrow

That's all for now.

Thanks for stopping by~


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if ya ever get suuuper bored, feel free to check out my cartoon if ya like! or don't! no pressure! :3…

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You've been an inspiration to us all!~
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